Niklas Lidstrom's 7th Norris Proves NHL Awards Vot

In the form of diehard hockey fan, I religiously watch the playoffs and try to expect to have an itch to watch hockey when the seasons ended. A few days right after the Stanley Cup Playoffs finish is mostly a week containing their NHL Awards ceremony and also the NHL draft for ones upcoming year. So even though hockey has finished I remain strapped to the perpetual chair with my eyeballs glued into the screen. Analyzing every action and speculated trade, I've always learned that I disagree which includes decisions generated by the NHL's executives.Last week, the NHL awards got out. Among these awards were the Hart Trophy (League MVP), Art Ross Trophy (Scoring Leader), Selke Trophy (Outstanding Defensive Forward), Vezina (Top Goaltender), Lady Byng (Skillful and Gentlemanly Play), Calder Trophy (Top Rookie) and then the coveted Norris Trophy (Best Defenseman). To look at who won what trophies, you can visit here. Certainly with virtually any award except one. The Norris trophy decided to Nicklas Lidstrom of one's Detroit Red Wings. Lidstrom will now be 41 yoa and possesses, cardio, been considered the top defenseman to experience ever played the game. This year's Norris marks Lidstrom's 7th Norris Trophy award in their illustrious career.First and foremost, before I explain why It's my opinion he did this a bad choice, I want to explain my partial bias. I'm a Chicago Blackhawks fan. It's customary that I root against Detroit with been our Rivals given that the development of the NHL. Although I dislike the Red Wings together, Relating to great respect regarding players. Each player, besides Todd Bertuzzi, is an effective ambassador belonging to the bet on hockey. Each player they've already is skillful beyond belief and they'll beat you fairly. I've a hatred thanks to the many losses they also have handed my team, however i respect them fully. To be able out of the way, I would like to state that Nicklas Lidstrom failed to deserve a Norris Trophy in 2010.The Norris trophy is awarded in to the best defenseman. The roles of an defenseman are anchored around protecting ones own net and reducing your opponents scoring chances. A bonus for just about any defenseman is any offensive contributions that will your current team score. Undoubtedly one of my personal favorite stats to guage a gamer upon is their +/- rating. Players get a + for each goal their team scores that is one player is to the ice. For any goal scored against that is one player is on your ice, they obtain a -. The league leading scorer could quite possibly have just about the most goals scored, however, when he has got a - rating, it demonstrates the golfer ended up being due to position a lot of the time. In hockey, you have to it's really important at both angles of your game. Prefer a team playing aggressively, it's going to for the most part trigger more goals against.While looking at Nicklas Lidstroms statistics from last season, he wasn't a league leading defenseman. He just didn't lead the league in a stat. For goals scores by defensemen, Lidstrom was 4th. In assists, he was 3rd. He was second in points (Assists + Goals). Lidstrom was built with a career season in points and greatly contributed to his team's success. However, as discussed earlier, defensemen should really be judged upon their defensive capabilities, not their offensive contributions. Lidstrom must have been a -2 for that regular season, ranking him at 177. There are 176 defensemen more defensemen inside the league which in fact have the best +/- versus Norris Trophy winner. The Norris Trophy is described for being the most effective defenseman inside league. Nevertheless, there are two types of defensemen (offensive defensemen, defensive defensemen), Lidstrom mustn't have won.For me, Zdeno Chara really should have won that trophy wthout using hesitation. Chara was the captain on the Boston Bruins, the Stanley Cup Champions. The Bruins have a very mediocre offense, but relied on its defense and goalie to win games. On your team made to defend and hold small leads, Chara was crowned the league leading +/- defenseman with +33 within the 82 game series. Not alone did Chara carry out a well done of stopping opponents from scoring, but he did add his share of help the offensive zone. Chara scores 14 goals along 30 assists. Considering the stats, there should have been at least 5 other defenseman in the league more worthy than Lidstrom for the Norris Trophy.This can be an amazing style of votes being about popularity and prior performances as Lidstrom was undoubtedly the perfect defenseman the past several seasons. However, with retirement living comes the question of durability. The Norris Trophy comes in the most deserving, not the most well-liked or most reputable of D-men. Lidstrom had 6 trophies before that monstrosity of the voting system took a hold. The award must have arrived at Chara, who deserve a memento for his great season. Although he became predominant belonging to the Cup this current year, he deserved somebody award.In the case of fan voting, the league have to have some initiative to somewhat accept as true with what the fans voted. Although Lidstrom could quite possibly have won the vote belonging to the will probably be fans, the league need to have intervened and noticed the discrepancy between Lidstrom's stats plus the stats of other celebrity defensemen. With regards to the ensuing years NHL award show will fix this. Lidstrom announced on friday that he or she plans on extending his career an additional year. If he wins the Norris towards the eight time with only one performance because year, I could need boycott watching the award show very soon. Chara, Visnovsky, and Carle counseled me more deserving than Lidstrom. Should you have any thoughts or want to discuss who you thought should have won the Norris, please leave a comment below.