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Borscht (borshch): vegetable soup manufactured from beets, cabbage, potatoes,tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, dill, sometimes green pepper, served with sour cream.

Kapusniak soup made out of pork, salo (pork fat),sauerkraut and served with sour cream

Rosolnyk: soup with pickles.

Yushka: fish soup, made from fresh-water fish, usually carp. Identical to the Russian cuisine, Uha, and this is a fish-soup.

Olivye salad constructed from cooked and chopped potatoes,dill pickles,broiled chopped eggs,cooked and chopped chicken,onions,mixed with mayonnaise.

Vinigret (from French vinaigrette): salad with cooked and shredded beets, sauerkraut,cooked and chopped potatoes, onions and carrots,sometimes pickles combined with some sunflower oil and salt.

Pickles: Pickled cucumbers (kvasheni ohirky) or tomatoes (kvasheni pomidory) are usually manufactured with garlic and dill. Also, sauerkraut (kvashena kapusta).

Breads and wheat merchandise is vitally important to Ukrainian cuisine. Decorations over the top can be very elaborate for celebrations.

Paska: traditional rich Easter bread. It really is shaped inside a short round form. The top the paska is decorated with typical Easter symbols, that include roses or crosses.

Babka: another Easter bread, usually a sweet dough with raisins together with other dried fruit. It is baked with a tall, cylindrical form.

Kolach: ring-shaped bread typically served at Christmas and funerals. The dough is braided, often with three strands representing the Holy Trinity. The braid is then shaped in a circle (circle = kolo in Ukrainian) representing the circle of life and family.

Korovai: a round, braided bread, identical to the kolach. It is actually frequently baked for weddings and the top decorated with birds and periwinkle.

Varenyky: small pastries created with any filling including mushed potatoes and fried onions, ground meat and fried onions,liver and fried onions,fried cabbage with fried onions, cherries, strawberries. Served with sour cream and butter or sugar when filled up with fruits.

Pirozhki: Small potato filled buns baked in thickened rich cream and dill.

Cabbage rolls (holubtsi): cabbage leaves rolled with meat and rice filling stewed in tomato sauce ,served with sour cream.

Syrnyky: some kinds of cheese fritters, sometimes with raisins, served with sour cream and jam.

Mlyntsi: crepes (blyntsi or nalisnyky), filled usually with all kinds of cheese, meat, cabbage,canucks store, fruits, served with sour cream.

Stuffed duck or goose with apples.

Roast meat (pechenya): pork, veal, beef or lamb roast.

Fish (ryba): fried in egg and flour; cooked in oven with mushrooms, cheese and lemon; marinaded, dried or smoked variety.

Studen: jellied fish (zalyvne) or meat (kholodets).

Kasha hrechana zi shkvarkamy: buckwheat cereal with chopped, fried bacon and/or onion.

Potato (kartoplia, also barabolia or bulba): young or peeled, served with butter, sour cream, dill; a much more exclusive variety includes raw egg.

Guliash: identifies stew more often than not, or specifically Hungarian goulash.

Sausage (kovbasa or sosysky): different kinds of smoked or boiled pork, beef or chicken sausage.

Salo: salted (or occasionally raw) unrendered pork fat lard.

Kotlety (cutlets): (plural; singular: kotleta) minced meat or fish mixed with eggs,onions, garlic, breadcrumbs and milk,fried in oil sometimes rolled in breadcrumbs.

Deruny: potato pancakes, usually served with rich servings of sour cream.

Kutia: traditional Christmas dish, made of poppy seeds, wheat, nuts, honey, and delicacies.

Pampushky: fried, rich sweet dough very much alike doughnut holes. Frequently tossed with cinnamon sugar. Pampushky (pl.,canucks store, singular is pampusho'k) can also be filled with poppy seed as well as other sweet fillings.

Syrniki: fried curd fritters.

Torte: many models of cakes, from moist to puffy, most popular ones being Kyjivskyj, Prazhskyj, and Trufelnyj. These are frequently made without flour, instead using ground walnuts or almonds.

Zhele: (plural and singular) jellied fruits, like cherries,canucks store, pears, etc. or Ptashyne moloko (literally irds' milk)ilk/chocolate jelly.

Strong spirits (, horilka, , vodka in Russian): Samohon (moonshine) is likewise popular, including with infusions of fruit, spices or hot peppers.

Beer (, pyvo): the best producers of beer are Obolon, Lvivske, Chernihivske, Slavutych, Sarmat and Rogan, which partly export their products.

Wine (, vyno): from Europe and Ukraine (particularly from Crimea).

Mead (, mid, or , medovukha): a fermented cocktail constructed from honey, water, and yeast, which is regaining popularity. It tastes like cider, however flavour varies according to the plants frequented by your honeybees, the amount of time and manner of aging, and therefore the specific strain of yeast used. Its alcohol content varies from maker to maker depending on the means of production. Mead was originally home-brewed by housewives, it can be now usually purchased.

Kompot (): a sweet beverage built from dried or fruits and veggies and/or berries boiled in water.

Uzvar (): standard compote produced from dried fruit, mainly apples, pears and prunes.

Kvas (): a sweet-and-sour sparkling beverage brewed from yeast, sugar and dried rye bread.

Kefir (): milk fermented by both yeast and lactobacillus bacteria inside them for hours exactly the same taste to yoghurt. Homemade kefir may contain a little measure of alcohol.

Normal water: well-known brands are Truskavetska, Morshynska and Myrhorodska. They often come strongly carbonated.

Ryazhanka (): yet another kind of natural yoghurt composed of baked milk.

Ukrainian settlers from Galicia and Bukovyna arrived at Canada in your late 1890s. Most of the ingredients they been used to cooking with (which includes wheat flour,canucks store, barley, rye, cabbage, and root vegetables) may just be grown throughout their new land, but others would not want to. Even though parklands of this Prairie Provinces were fertile, these folks were also much further north and in altitude versus settlers' old homeland, and then the growing season was consequently much shorter. This made the cultivation of crops which includes buckwheat, plums, grapes, nuts, and poppies difficult otherwise impossible. The shorter growing season also meant that the actual spring and autumn festivals that will celebrate a symptom and end of this growing season often fell on the dead of winter. Moreover, the semi-arid climate reduced how many honey and mushrooms available.

The settlers adapted to local conditions, substituting available ingredients for individuals not obtainable. Dried fruit which includes prunes and raisins had been instead of fresh; short-season vegetables that include tomatoes and peppers were integrated into recipes. Meats which include turkey, goose, duck, and local species of fish were originally utilised in substitution for pork, because there were initially few pork producers; afterward, the immense measure of beef situated on the Western Canadian (and especially the Alberta) market with its correspondingly low price meant that Ukrainian cooks were prone to cook with beef than with pork or, especially, lamb. Attempts, many successful, were built to cultivate traditional ingredients that include poppy seed, honey, and mushrooms; as soon as the settlers had started to sell their grain crops with ready cash, sometimes they imported them from further East at the same time.

These changes are evidenced in Ukrainian Canadian cuisine. Cabbage rolls or holubtsi might well be made out of parboiled or from pickled cabbage leavesoth fresh and pickled whole cabbage is supplied in pretty much all supermarkets at the Prairiesut the easiest filling is a mixture of ground beef and rice, with pork a more uncommon substitute. The rolls are generally cooked with a tomato sauce which are often flavoured with peppers. Perogies (the conventional Canadian English word for varenyky) are often containing a mix of potato, onion, and Canadian-made cheeses for instance Cheddar, Colby, or Monterey Jack, however rarely brimming with fruit or grains. (Shopping on the web of perogies reaches far past the Ukrainian Canadian community; most supermarkets have a dozen or higher back yard garden mass-produced frozen perogies, and maybe they are a typical side dish.) Borscht may very well be beet-based or tomato-based. Desserts are less likely for being made primarily from ground nuts, and may even instead be made from plain flour. Ukrainian sausage (named kubasa) is heavily seasoned with garlic and Hungarian paprika is used at home cooking, restaurant cooking, as well as takeaway food.

Mushroom picking in Slavic culture

Twelve-dish Christmas Eve supper

4 seasons (or frost-free period) at Lviv has finished 200 days; 4 seasons at Edmonton is under 100 days and also that at Calgary well under 70 days.

Stechishin, Savella ( 1995). Traditional Ukrainian Cookery (18th ed. ed.). Winnipeg: Trident Press. ISBN 0-919490-36-0.

Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, Daughters of Ukraine Branch (1984). Ukrainian Daughters' Cookbook (1st ed. ed.). Winnipeg: Centax of Canada. ISBN 0919845134.

Several recipes of traditional Ukrainian dishes

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