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"It affects so many businesses that I think some might actually shut down because of it," said Bryan Maguire, kitchen manager at G Sports Bar and Grill. Other games like NFL football and soccer will keep the bar afloat, but "it's a good 20, 30 per cent of our business we're losing just from the hockey lockout."The effects could last longer than one season, Maguire said. Fed up fans who remember the 2004 2005 cancelled season could decide to support other leagues instead.The 2004 lockout nearly sunk the Kingston Taphouse and Grill on Richards Street.

I wouldn't comment on da negative I see on here about malcom, but I will say how can you place a man who just entertained people (Elvis) above a man who faced da same cowards (Malcom) who in today's world still have dat fear of losing control over what they started. If ya Pilgrim's woulda left us in Africa guess what ya women, kids, an whole culture wouldn't be shit. The fact we came threw all y'all dealt us an we still the most copied,team usa hockey,studied,watched profiled race ona planet. The Weber deal was one of the last of its kind. NHL owners made a big push in the new CBA to eliminate decade long playing contracts, which could severely hamper an organization as a player's skills declined. The new CBA puts a limit of eight years on any new deals and seven years for free agents switching teams..

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